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Main Features Of Scrypto Wallet

Scrypto Wallet is a white-label solution for companies seeking to provide their customers with the best cryptocurrency experience. With our white-label solution, users can create crypto wallets and manage assets on all popular blockchains and crypto protocols, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana, and many others. Crypto-assets may include cryptocurrencies, crypto-tokens, and NFTs of any kind.

Scrypto Wallet can be delivered in several forms:

  • Web3 wallet;
  • Self-custodial mobile crypto wallet;
  • Self-custodial crypto wallet as a browser extension;
  • Custodial crypto wallet (mobile and web);
  • Desktop application (e.g. to be used with a hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger);
  • Self-custodial crypto wallet with DeFi features, such as swap on DEXes, lending, borrowing and others;
  • Custodial wallet with integration-ready features to trade on CEXes such as Binance and many others.

Multi-currency wallet

Scrypto Wallet supports dozens of cryptocurrencies including popular ones like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and thousands of ERC-20 tokens and other tokens on supported EVM networks.

Fiat currency support

User can create accounts in fiat currencies. We support worldwide currency codes, symbols and other necessary data. For convenience, we collect actual exchange rates from reliable 3rd party services.

Dapp registry

Our crypto wallet allows users to connect and interact with various Dapps through Web3 protocols and WalletConnect. It includes popular and verified Dapps across various categories such as finance, gaming, decentralized exchanges, social networks, and more.

Trading dashboard

In our crypto wallet we provide users with a comprehensive trading and DeFi dashboards to execute and monitor cryptocurrency trading activities. Our trading dashboards provide an overview of the cryptocurrency markets, including real-time price information, market charts, and trading volume.

User registration

Users can create a new account within Scrypto wallet by providing necessary information such as a username, password, an email address or phone number. The wallet may have its own registration form or allow users to sign up using their existing social media or email accounts.

Custodial and non-custodial wallets

We provide the ability to work with such types of wallets as custodial or non-custodial. Custodial wallets may be more suitable for beginners or users who prioritize convenience, while non-custodial wallets are favored by those who value control, privacy, and adherence to the principles of decentralization.

Integration with external payment providers

Our Scrypto wallet integrates with external payment providers to buy crypto with a payment card or via bank transfer or sell and exchange crypto. This integration enables users to facilitate cryptocurrency payments and transactions with external platforms, services, or merchants.

Other features

There are plenty of other useful features:
- transaction and address explorer,
- price change notifications,
- gas price monitoring,
- fee configuration and much more!

Provide your users with the features they need!

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Whitelabel model

How whitelabel works?

Whitelabel solution allows you to use an existing implementation of crypto wallet mobile app or web application along with related services (backend, administration dashboard and others).

By acquiring a white-label license, you will be able to create your own crypto wallet, so it will be unique and look in line with your company’s style.

Whitelabel Crypto Wallet allows you to launch your own branded wallet application in just a few days. For more complicated customizations and integrations it can take as little as several weeks.

Also, we provide technical support according to your subscription level.

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Pricing Table

Pricing Plans for Scrypto

We propose different pricing plans depending on your goals.
As well, we would be happy to discuss your specific needs and to arrange the most suitable plan.


$ 995/mo

Updates subscription

Applications updates

Subscription to all applications technical updates, including mobile app and backend services.

Cost includes updates for one project


Individual pricing

Custodial Crypto Wallet

Fully configured turnkey solution

All required configurations

Branding and corporate style

3d party providers integration

Application delivery


From $ 15 000

Self-custodial Crypto Wallet

Branded mobile application

Backend applications

Administration dashboard


Price upon request

Custom Services

Custom development and improvements

Integration with additional payment providers

Unique UI/UX development


Price upon request

Technical Support

General solution updates

Custom bug fixes

Updating custom configurations

Resolving connection

Availability issues

Want to discuss a custom pricing?

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